Board of Directors

The Island Players is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, managed and governed by an elected board of directors. 

The directors serve for a three (3) year term of office.  Below is a list of the current season board of directors

and their respective area of responsibility. 



Ken Taylor, President

Jeff Dempsey, Past President  

Gregory Santoro, Vice-President / Facilities

Jackie Santoro, Dramatics Director / Special Programs

Sandy McLeod, Secretary

Chris Maxwell, Technical

TBA, Treasurer

Faith Hamilton Trent, Box Office / House Manager  

                                             Judee Brooks, Props / Costumes

                                             Susan Leonard, Membership

                                             Tammy Kauvanaugh, IPTAG

                                             Rochelle Fournier, Publicity

                                             TBA, Website/ Multi-Media                                             

                                             Pamela Taylor, TBA

                                             Bonnie Brandeberry, TBA





Island Players Life Members


The Island Players is an all volunteer, community-based organization that honors its distinguished members with the Life Membership Award.  This honor is awarded to  members   who have contributed to the success of the Island Players by giving distinguished service to the players for a minimum of fifteen (15) continuous years.   


Richard Altman

Jean Ballon*

Toni Ferri

Lynda Dalton-Gallagher

Ron Dempsey*

Randy Gann

Mary Gash*

Don Gaughf*

jack Hanley*

Joan Harris

Clara Henderson

Anne Hodnett

Key Jenkins

Allan Ledingham

Joyce Ledingham

Luanne Lea

Doris Lee

Barbara Mueller*

Neil Nilsson

Gil Readdick*

Marian Vose

Luray Ward*

Peggy Wenzka

Betty Woodward


*The Island Players is saddened by the death of this Member and continues to appreciate and respect their many years of distinguished service to the organization.


Dates: Opening Night-Friday 01-08-21 show starts at 7:30 pm.

01-09-21, 01-10-21 (3:00 pm). 01-15,16,17-2021, 01-22,23,24-21